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Family owned and operated agriculture consulting for the Hemp industry


Hemp grow support from seed to sale.

We have decades of grow experience indoor and outdoor with an emphasis in cannabis.

Working farms for decades, of various commodities, provides the experience needed to grow small and large parcels. We can assist with filing paperwork to grow, setting up your parcel for optimum use, assist with harvest and provide assistance to process and retail final product. 

Working for you is what we do. 

Maximum Efficiency Farming


We help maximize your yield with minimum impact. 

We offer a range of services expediting and increasing your productivity. Ask us about Full Service, A-la-cart, or Concierge Service.

Top Quality Genetics


We start with high CBD quality seeds, grow with organic material and feeds until ready for clone sales. This provides the best starters for our customers. 

Deposit required for all orders.

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Elevated Hemp

9407 Joyce Lane, Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80126, United States

(720) 229-ROOT (7668)